How to Place a Diagnostic Order

At AIM Diagnostic we are trying to streamline your workflow so you can focus on what is more important  - the welfare of the people you are treating.  The goal with the ordering process is to eliminate the burden of ‘paper chasing’ on both ends.

How to Place an Order:

1. Telephone - When placing an order over the phone

  • The place you are calling from

  • Name of the resident orpatients name

  • The room number

  • The type of procedure needed

  • The reason for the exam

  • Who is the ordering doctor

  • When you need it done.

2. Fax - When placing an order by fax please do the following:

  • Fill out the AIM Diagnostics Req Form (download it here, or contact the office for a stack of forms).

  • Please include the insurance facesheet.

  • A signed Physician’s order, or a Physician telephone order form.

  • If you are placing a STAT order, please verify with AIM Diagnostics that the fax was received.

  • It is always a good idea to verify any order that arrive via fax.

Some best practices are to always fill out the AIM Diagnostics requisition form and have it ready for the X-Ray Technologist or Ultrasound Sonographer when they arrive,  this will allow them to verify the order, and ask any questions that they may have to clarify what is required.

We will be having online order placement very soon.  If you are currently a client and would like to learn more about medical report look-up, or online order placement please contact us, or call 719-246-7766 and we will arrange for a quick training session to get you up-to speed once the online system has been thoroughly tested.