Ultrasound & Doppler

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Doppler Studies

AIM Diagnostics performs a variety of doppler studies that include Arterial, Venous and  Carotid doppler. The arterial and venous dopplers can be performed on the upper and lower extremities. All the doppler services can be performed at any location you choose, whether in an assisted living or at an medical clinic. The machines utilized by AIM Diagnostics completely portable, and are equipped with the latest DICOM compliant image transmission protocols.

Ultrasound Studies

All general ultrasound procedures can be completed by AIM Diagnostics.  The ultrasound sonographers employed by AIM Diagnostics are all ARDMS certified with hospital based experience using a variety of ultrasound machines.  The procedures possible are all non-invasive and include Abdominal, Gall bladder, Renal, Thyroid, Pelvic and Testicular Ultrasounds.