radiology reading

AIM Diagnostics employs the latest technologies to stream-line the radiology workflow. This amazing technology infrastructure gives you amazing speed, and laser like accuracy with its diagnosis.

The Digital X-Ray Revolution

AIM Diagnostics is vested into the latest Digital Radiography or DR X-Ray systems.  The DR System replaces the transitional technology of Computed Radiology, CR X-Ray.  The advantages are multiple images can be stored on a single plate, and the images can be reviewed instantly eliminating the need to retake the exam. With older technologies only a single image can be stored on a plate, with having multiple plates being cost prohibitive, the ability ot review images immediately is not possible. The older technologies posed a significant problem with patient comfort particularly senior citizens who are older, and pain thresholds are reduced.

The Modern Radiology Workflow

Once the images are captured the ultrasound sonographer or the x-ray technologist can deliver the images from the field over the internet straight into the radiologists workflow.  This is done by a combination of technologies interfacing into each other. The images are stored on a Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS) which is built into the x-ray or ultrasound machine. From the PACS the images are sent via Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine or better know by its acronym DICOM.  The images are then received by the Radiology Information System (RIS). All of this happens in seconds.  It is at this point that the AIM Diagnostics radiologist can review the images and produce a report.

With the report ready for transmission many options are available. The reports are always faxed you your choice of number, and the reports are stored and ready to be accessed by you at any time via the web.

The next evolution of this technology revolution is HL7 integration. AIM Diagnostics is available to integrate your Electronic Medical Record (EMR) into our RIS system.  With the HL7 integration you can begin to experience seamless radiology workflow, where the need for reports requests, and order requests are generated directly from your EMR system.